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How to Install SSL Certificate In GoDaddy Hosting

SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) Is a standard security protocol for establishing a secure and encrypted connection between web server and browser for online communication.

SSL ensures that all the data transfer between web server and browser is fully secure and encrypted. It also ensures users website is fully safe for online transaction. All the sites that process the sensitive information it is compulsory to use SSL on their website so user trusts on them and shares the sensitive data like bank details.

For example, an e-commerce site, bank website should use SSL certificate on their website, so user trust on them and do the online transaction like money transfer, purchase the product on the e-commerce website and share their debit card/credit card details for processing online payments.

Also now days google chrome also start showing the warning message website is not secure if a website not using SSL.

Benifits Of Using SSL

  • Better website security
  • Protect sensitive information from hackers
  • Better User Experience
  • Increase site visibility
  • SSL also impacts on the seo of the website ,because google give preferences in better seo ranking , if webiste using SSL
  • Secure trasnsaction

Step to integrate SSL in GoDaddy hosting

For Integrating SSL certificate, first of all, we have to generate CSR(Certificate Signing Request) and after that using this CSR file we request for the SSL certificate from Godaddy

Step 1: Login to the cpanel and go to ssl/tls manage option and click on it

Step 2: On Next page click on Generate, view, or delete SSL certificate signing requests

Step 3: Enter domain name ,city ,state and country details(these details needed for SSL CSR certificate generation) and click on the generate button

Step 4: After clicking on the generate button we will be redirected on the below page and in this page copy the content of the box that is under Encoded Certificate Signing Request and save it in the file

Now using this CSR file we request for the SSL certificate

Step 5: Go to the product page and click on the SSL setup option

Step 6: Click on the Certificate Signing Request (CSR) option and paste the content that we have copied in the Step 4 and finally click on the request certificate button

Step 7: After that we will be redirected to the below page, you can see that certificate current status is pending.

Step 8: After some time Godaddy provide the SSL certificate download link on registered email id that is registered with Godaddy

Step 9: Now We Click on this link we will be redirected to the certificate download page

Step 10: In this page We select server type and click on the download zip button

Step 11: After that We extract the file and go the cpanel ssl/tls option and click on Generate, view, upload, or delete SSL certificates link after that we will redirect to the certificate upload page here upload the file that we have downloaded in the Step 10

Step 12: In this step click on the Manage SSL Site option ,On manage SSL page click on the browse certificate button after that a popup will be open select domain name and click on the use certificate button.All the information will be auto-filled and then click on Install certificate button

Step 13: After that We will be received a message in popup SSL certificate successfully installed

Conclusion :

In this Tutorial, we learn how we can easily Install SSL Certificate In GoDaddy Hosting. If you are facing any issue with SSL certificate installation, please comment below. We will help you in the integration.

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