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How to add Category in Magento 2.

How to add Category and Product in Magento 2

In this section we are going to discuss how to add category and its product.

For Adding Category

1.Select PRODUCTS in menu.

2.Select Categories in Submenu.

3.This screen will appear in your browser is given below .now you have to select Add Subcategory to add your category to menu because if you add your category by clicking Add Root Category then it will not appear in menu.

4.Here is 4 tabs to setup your category.

5.First Tab for General Information.

      • Name: Here you can specify your category name.
      • Is Active: In this option you can specify this category is active or not.
      • URL Key: It’s not mandatory. If you not specify magento take care of this thing.
      • Description: You can mention description of your category.
      • Image: Here you can add image for category.
      • Page Title, Meta Keywords and Meta Description: This is for seo purpose.
      • Include in Navigation Menu: If you select yes then it will show in menu otherwise it will not show in menu.

6.Second Tab is Display Setting. In this you can change your category display setting.


7.Third Tab is custom design here you can edit your custom design for category.

8.Fourth tab is Category Products. Here you can add products for category. We will add product in next tutorial.

9.Now click to Save Category to save category.

10.Here you can see the Category Name Men.

If you have any query, suggestion and problem then drop us comment.



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